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Low Pass at Tenerife South Airport with 30 kts headwind

Recently I’ve made a short roundtrip on board of our Piper P-28A around the Tenerife island and I was lucky to get the authorization to make a low pass on the Runway 08 at the Tenerife South Airport (TFS/GCTS). The controllers here are really nice and helpfull, and if there is no much traffic, you are able to simulate ILS procedures and approaches, or make a low pass.

You can see the route on this map, we have been flying from the North Airport (TFN/GCXO) anticlockwise and the weather was really nice and not too much wind.

Island Trip

Our route – Tenerife Island Trip

Arriving in the south of the island I have requested a low approach on the runway in use, which has been authorized. The runway in use was 08 and the tower reported wind 080/30 kts… There were no gustings reported, but you have to count with some turbulence anyway. We have proceed to the final and made the loww pass.

I was happy to capture the footage on video, as I was using my GoPro Hero 3 camara, which in this case is not affected by the turbulence or any movements, as it is attached to the aircraft.

With this strong headwind it appears that the plane is moving very slowly. After the low pass have have continued to the Tenerife North Airport, where we have landed.

Safe landings!


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