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GoPro Hero 3: Offroad Test Drive

A time ago I have purchased a GoPro Hero3 White edition together with a suction cup mount, but I was a bit scared using outside the plane during my flights.

I have taken a couple of images under water, in the swimming pool, or in the sea and some of them were really amazing.

Finally, the moment came, when I had to try it outside, so I have decided to mount it on a offroad car. It was just after a rain, so it was the perfect moment to see, if it “survives” the ride.

I was a little concerned about destroying it by some piece of stone shooted from the car’s wheel, but luckily nothing like that happened…

After this good experience, I have finally decided to mount it outside the plane.

You can see the short video of the offroad drive here. This one is from the slower ride, we have made also some other more “funny” as well. I was watching the recording on my ipad, so actually every moment we had to stop and clean the camera in order to continue recording.


2 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 3: Offroad Test Drive

  1. Joyriding on my birthday ! Way to go Stan …
    You should try to fix it on your dashboard and entertain us with the driving skills of the Spanish people ๐Ÿ™‚

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