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How to mount a GoPro Hero on a GA plane

Since I haven’t lost my GoPro Camara during my first flights, I have decided to mount it on my Piper P-28A to see how it will work…

Before  I have mounted it on the belly I have cleaned the airplane’s surface, and I have used a car polisher as well to avoid any dust or anything else on the the paint. Using the suction mount I have attached the camara to the plane, and just to be sure that I wouldn’t lose it, I have used a piece of duct tape as well.

Clean and polish the surface

Clean and polish the surface

Mount the Gopro using the suction mount to the belly

Mount the Gopro on the belly using the suction mount

I have used a duct tape as well to be sure it stays attached

I have used a duct tape as well to be sure it stays attached

Voila! Here it is....

Voila! Here it is….

I have considered to mount it on the plane’s belly, because I thought it would be a nice idea to see the wheels taking off, and using the application I could see the taxiway, runway, exactly like a big airliner, lol.

Unfortunately, the gopro’s wifi signal wasn’t strong enough, so after take off I got a little scarred, when the Ipad said: “no devices found”…. My friend sitted on the back seat tried to connect to the App using my phone and it worked, so the camara was still there!!! I was so happy, that I haven’t lost it… 🙂

When mounting the camara, I was considering to place it somewhere where it wouldn’t cause any damage to the plane’s structure in the event it would just drop off and fly away impacting against the body.

The only thing is, that the escape gases after a one hour flight left the camara a little dirty, so the recorded image at the end was not clear enough. In the video you can notice some vibrations, probably caused by the engine, and I don’t know whether it is on every plane like ours, or only on this one. Anyway, on my next flight I have planned to place the camera on the lower side of the wing facing forward.

After 2 hours of flying the camara was still attached to the body, and I think that the duct tape was not really necessary, but you never know… I saw a video on youtube where one guy lost his camara during the flight.

During the flight I haven’t noticed any difference in the aerodynamics, or controlling the aircraft. The suction mount seems to be strong enough, but I would recommend to turn the wifi on once you have the desired position and just leave the camara record the whole flight, otherwise the battery will die after something like one hour…

And this video is the result:


4 thoughts on “How to mount a GoPro Hero on a GA plane

  1. Nice job ! Although I don’t wish you to lose the cam during flight, I’m trying to imagine the face of a fat [fill in nationality] tourist lying on the beach of Las Americas and getting the camera in his face … Can’t wait to see those images 🙂

    • Good point! I was thinking the same, but if it falls off the plane, the stearing stops to work (if there was any), and it turns into a uncontrolled free fall. 🙂 So teoreticaly there is some chance to get hit by a gopro, I think it equals to the dame chance like to be hitted by meteor lol…

    • I think it should work, but there is always a risk of lost. I am using it like that since more than 2 years and never had a problem… 😉

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