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How to mount the Gopro on the horizontal stabilizer of a GA plane

I get a lot of questions about how to mount the Gopro on the horizontal stabilizer of a GA plane.

It is thruth that on the Piper and Cessna I’ve installed the adhesive stickers, but they stay attached on the same place. And sometimes you get bored of recording the same views, as the images look the same.

If you would like to change the position of the camera, and want to avoid placing tons of stickers around your plane, theย gopro suction cup mount is a good solution.

On this occasion while flying the Diamond DA20 Katana, I’ve used simply the suction cup, even without duct tape. It is important to ensure the surface is clean (you can wipe it with a wet towel and dry it after).

The second step is to find the desired position of the camera, in the case of Gopro 4 Silver it is easy, as you can turn on the touch screen and you can see the result immediately. If you have a camera without a screen, then best use your app to see on your mobile device what you are going to record.

Finding the best angle of view for recording

Finding the best angle of view for recording (Gopro Hero 4 Silver)

gopro suction cup mount

gopro suction cup mount

I got thisย gopro suction cup mount recently, and personaly find this much better than the previous model which I got 1,5 years ago.

Once installed, check whether it’s attached properly (you will be able to most the plane, lol).

Just checking ;-).

Just checking ;-).

To not to drain the battery, I turn the wifi off and select mostly the video+timelapse mode and start recording.

It is important to not to forget to start recording, before you leave, it did happen to me a couple of times as well and it’s annoying, grrr ๐Ÿ™‚

The position of the camera doesn’t affected the flight controls, you don’t notice that it’s there outside… But please be awareย that you always mount the camera at your own risk…

In the next post you can see the views you get from this position.

What are your experiences with the suction mount? Any recommendations?


5 thoughts on “How to mount the Gopro on the horizontal stabilizer of a GA plane

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  2. Hi Stan,
    I hope you stil checking your blog…
    I’m about to use my GoPro in a Piper PA28W3, but I’m a bit concern about using the suction cup, as it’s only certified by GoPro to use in speed range between 0 to 210+- km/h. The PA28 gets 100-110kts cruise speed so overpasses the speed limits that GoPro says.
    And also, how about the possible changes in exterior pressure and pressure inside the suction cup, can it be lose pressure and the cup detaches unexpectedly?

    The PA28 is rented so I cannot put 3mm sticker on it.

    Thanks Stan

    • Hi Jordi,

      Thanks for your comment. Well, actually I haven’t got any problems with the suction mount with speeds up to 140-50 ias and climved up to FL100.

      I think it is certified up to 250 km/h, but there is always a risk of lost.

      I was using it for more than 2 years like that also because I hire the plane and can’t put the 3M stickers everywhere…

      About 2 weeks ago, it suddenly dissappeared fron the stabilizer…. After the landing, the gopro qasn’t there anymore.

      Yes, I lost it. And to ve honest the first thing that came through my mind, I hope it didn’t hurt anyone.

      So, I came to the following conclusion: I still feel pretty comfortable to use the 3M mounts, but not the suction mount.

      I’ve purchased a mount on nflightcam.com, bit expensive, but it uses screws and it is certified up to 300 kts or even above. I haven’t received it yet, but I think I am not going to use the suction mount putside the plane again.

      Hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Safe flying!

      • Wow you lost it! Sorry about that…
        That was using suction cup? or 3M mounts?

        I’ll check this mounts….
        My biggest concern is not hurt someone, and then myself because the gopro hits any part of the plane and damage it.

        Thanks again

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