Refreshing night VFR flying

Enjoying having a moment to write a short post being on vacations about my last flight. 

Since I’ve finished my night flying training some 1,5 years ago, due to the restrictions at our local airports I was not able to fly in the night.  Seems the thimgs will chamge soon, giving us more fredom, being able to return from a flight from other island even after sunset.

I flew to Gran Canaria where I made my 1 hour flight on a 1 year old Diamond DA40 with Garmin 1000 cockpit.

First time that I was flying this plane and I have to say it’s awesome. The Garmin does everything for you… Set mixture, propeller pitch angle, autopilot, run-up check and much more… I think that if I’ve learned flying on this plane, I wouldn’t be able to fly the old Pipers or Cessnas… I would simply miss the basis concepts.

Well, back to the night VFR. We took off from the Rwy 03L at Gran Canaria’s airport to the November point for some manouvers. After we took off into the dark, I actually monitored the PFD, al,ost without looking outside. Which is good, but being VFr, I should look outside as well. Arrived over November we have performed some left and right turns at 30 and 45 degrees and a slow flight. 

The plane is very well controlled, like the stick performance much more than the DA20’s. The tu na have been actually executed only by looking on the PFD’s artificial horizon, because outside above the sea it was pitch dark and no visual references at all. Lost som altitude, but I’d say lss than 100 feet which I’d personally consider not too bad after so long period without flying in the night. The most important thing is to realise it and to make the necessary corrections. 

After our return to the field we have made 1 touch and go and a final landing. Wouldn’t mind to own this plane; flying it is fun and it’s a good preparation for the next step- flying a big airliner. 

Safe landings! πŸ˜ŽπŸ›¬

Over Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Over Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

After the landing with the CFI and other FI

After the landing with the CFI and other FI