Stani Klajban – #WHYIFLY

This is my “Why I fly” story, hope you’ll enjoy it!🙂

Pilot To Pilot

Stani Klajban is a Slovak pilot currently aviating in Spain. Below is his #whyifly story. Stani goes into detail on his decision of why to become a pilot and the harships he encountered a long the way.

Stani has an instagram page @stani320 where he posts some amazing photos of himself and his friends flying around Spain.

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When I was 16-17 I discovered how much I was impressed by everything that was flying. Later, when I was finishing the secondary school, I decided to apply to a military school, so I could follow my dream. Just at that point, the whole system changed in Slovakia and all of Eastern Europe, the future of our Mig’s were uncertain, and so were the studies.

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I was going to start to study as an aeronautical engineer, but the situation didn’t look promising. I decided to study at the University of Economics in Bratislava…

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Flight La Palma – Tenerife South

Just a normal sunday flying. We went for a “100€ airport sandwiches” from Tenerife North airport to La Palma island. The weather was OK, bit cloudy on the departure at the origin airport, but nice, smooth during the flight and a bumpy landing.


Ready for departure at the airport of origin (TFN)


Selfie with Mt. Teide

On arrival it was a bit windy, with a it crosswind, but all good managable😉.


We had our sandwiches, checked the meteorology (which was fine: Broken clouds at 1400 feet) and we headed back home. The weather on our route was nice, and we were flying over the clouds.

The flight takes normally 1 hour, and we wanted to proceed via the south of the Tenerife, when we got the message that the meteorology determinated at our destination, and there was rain, fog, visibility 500 meters, with which makes us imposible to land there. Our not favourite alternative was to land at Tenerife South airport. I love this airport, as I have it just 10 minutes from my house, and I learned fly there.

Not favourite, because the landing taxes there for a PA28 are 170€ and you have to pay extra handling. But safety goes first.


It was a quite different flight, we loved it. Here is a short timelapse video; just in 2:30 minutes you can get from La Palma to Tenerife South.

Safe landings!


Flying around snowy Mt. Teide

It is February, and finaly the winter has started in Tenerife… After one week of rain, the highest mountain of Spain has been covered with snow.

Today it was a privilege to enjoy good flying weather to enjoy this beautiful scenery.


Snowy MT. Teide


Snowy Mt. Teide from Los Gigantes


Snow Mt. Teide 2016


Snowy MT. Teide


Snowy MT. Teide


Snowy MT. Teide


Snowy Cañadas del Teide


Snowy MT. Teide


Snowy MT. Teide


Snowy MT. Teide


Snowy MT. Teide


Snowy MT. Teide

Enjoy the snowy Teide 2016!🙂

Cessna 172N at dusk

Just went out on a sunday evening to practice a little bit with my camera’s, and here is the result….

Reims 172 (EC-JGP) at dusk (Nikon 3200D)

Reims 172 (EC-JGP) at dusk (Nikon 3200D)

Reims 172 (EC-JGP) at dusk (Gopro Hero 4 Silver)

Reims 172 at dusk (Gopro Hero 4 Silver)

Reims 172 (EC-JGP) at dusk (Nikon 3200D)

Reims 172 (EC-JGP) at dusk (Nikon 3200D), at Los Rodeos Airport

The next one is not the best one, taken with the Gopro Hero4 Silver. But I like the lights and colors anyway…🙂

Cessna Reims 172 (EC-JGP) at dusk

Cessna 172

Reims 172 (EC-JGP) at dusk (Nikon 3200D)

Reims 172 (EC-JGP) at dusk (Nikon 3200D)

During this 2 hours we were watching the planes taking off and landing and I made a short timelapse of the sunrise as well.

Safe landings!🙂


Yesterday I was flying for the first time a Cessna 182 with 230 hp. It’s like an rocket in comparation with the 172 or PA-28 that I am flying usualy.

On this flight I’ve installed the gopro under the wing looking backwards to get a different view, and not always the same…🙂

The result of this was finding 2 images where you can clearly see the vortices behind the plane in the clouds.

Enjoy them with me!🙂

Safe flying!


Vortices in the clouds



Vortices of the Cessna 182

Around La Palma in 2:48 minutes

On my last flight I went to visit the island La Palma; and we did a round flight as well.

I took the opportunity to make a timelapse, so everybody can see the coast of the island in less than 3 minutes.

Enjoy it!

And also some images as well…