Low pass at Punta de Jandia strip, Fuerteventura

This landing strip was built during the 2nd World War by Gustav Winter, and it was the first landing strip on Fuerteventura. It is situated in the south of the island, at Punta de Jandía. Now it’s not being used, but it’s nice to make a low pass is always a great fun!

Hope you’ll enjoy the video as we enjoyed the low pass!

Safe flying 🙂

Punta de Jandía landing strip

Punta de Jandía landing strip


Arena Negras and Chinyero

View at Arenas Negras ( last eruption 1706).

Behind it, you can see volcano Chinyero. At this place, in 1909 the last registered eruption in Tenerife took place. 🌋 Now it’s a very nice place for walking in the nature 😅 

Volcan Chinyero Tenerife

Volcan Chinyero Tenerife

How to calculate True Airspeed and Tail or Headwind in flight

In this short clip I’ll explain you how to calculate the true airspeed. Knowing the true airspeed and the ground speed, we can determinate whether we have headwind, or tailwind.

It’s very simple:

FL 75 (7.500 ft)
IAS = 90 kts
TAS = 100 kts (TAS inceases with increasing altitude)
GS = 109 kts


GS > TAS => have tailwind
GS < TAS => headwind

This means in our case, we have 9 kts TW (tailwind).

Fly safe! 😀