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Views that I am missing during hood flying

As I have already mentioned in my previous posts, I have started with a basic instrument traning. This means, that I am flying with no visual references.
I’m doing my course on the neigbour island Gran Canaria, and I’ve realized that after 6,5 hours in the air I haven’t seen anything from the island but the airport… πŸ™‚

Luckily I am recording my flights on a camera, so after each flight I can review how I flew, what can be improved and also see, what I could have seen if I would have been flying without the hood… πŸ™‚ I enjoy the training a lot and here is a short time lapsed video of one of my training flight with a Diamond DA20 Katana.

So these are the views that I am missing during hood flying:

What are your experiences with hood flying?

Fly safe!



6 thoughts on “Views that I am missing during hood flying

  1. Hi Stan, I will fly the “Katana” next sunday so I will like to know whre did you place the Gopro, I will make touches & goes so that perspective looks great!
    And I want to make you a question about the recording. Today I tried to record all my flight but the GoPro only recorded about 43 minutes from a flight about 1 hour and a half. The battery was not empty and the SD card was not full…. The GoPro stopped to record by itself. Do you know what can happen?

    Thanks and safe landings!

    • Hi RubΓ©n,

      I placed the Gopro right next to me, using the suction cup on the canopy to view the instruments. It would be nicer to place it above pur heads, but the surface is not good to place a suction cup, it felt down… Would be even better view.

      I don’t know how many GB do you have on your SD, but try to delete all the files before you start recording. It happened already a couple of times to me, that it stopped recording.

      Also try to charge the battery with some good batery charger; I use the one from my Ipad which has more ‘juice’ than the other ones, so it is recording longer than usual.

      Do not use the wifi, turn it off, on this way it should be recording up to 1:30 hrs; I don’t know which model of gopro do you have (mine is black3+).

      Look forward to see the video!

      Have a good flight and safe landings! πŸ˜‰

  2. Woehaa ! I love the little yellow car guiding you to the hangar. It’s bigger than the plane πŸ™‚
    What’s the ‘thing’ that’s placed on the dashboard on starboard prior to take off ? An automatic garage door opener ?

    • Hahaha. The marshaller’s car is not bigger than our plane πŸ˜‰

      The small thing is a gps transmitter; the school can track the plane’s position live on the PC. πŸ˜‰

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