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Mt. Teide from bird’s eye view

Pico del Teide, or Mt. Teide is Spain’s highest Mountain. It is 3.718 mtrs high (= 12.198 feet). It was always my dream to climb with a plane to this altitude to see it from above. As the most dreams come truth ;-), we have decided on the way home from the island El Hierro to climb to 12.500 feet to see some snow left on Teide. With 3 people on board it took almost 50 minutes to climb so high, but it was worth it.

12.500 feet

12.500 feet

It was for the first time in my life to fly at FL125 on board of a general aviation plane (Piper Archer2) and to be the pilot in command. We took some awesome pictures, hope you will like them as well! I’ll get definitely back to take some more pics in the future ;-). Enjoy Mt. Teide from bird’s eye view and safe flights!

Great views at Mt. Teide

Great views at Mt. Teide

Mt. Teide 3.718 mtrs.

Mt. Teide 3.718 mtrs.

IMG_4745 IMG_4779 IMG_4778

Over the clouds

Over the clouds


6 thoughts on “Mt. Teide from bird’s eye view

  1. Planet of the apes ! Great job.
    One comment though : 50 minutes to climb up that high ? Come on dude, I took me less time by foot and I had to drag 3 women with me. I’ll show you how to do next time πŸ™‚

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