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Yesterday I was flying for the first time a Cessna 182 with 230 hp. It’s like an rocket in comparation with the 172 or PA-28 that I am flying usualy.

On this flight I’ve installed the gopro under the wing looking backwards to get a different view, and not always the same… πŸ™‚

The result of this was findingΒ 2 images where you can clearly see the vortices behind the plane in the clouds.

Enjoy them with me! πŸ™‚

Safe flying!


Vortices in the clouds



Vortices of the Cessna 182


4 thoughts on “Vortices

  1. The 182 is the best, variable pitch prop that’s super easy to fly. I found that it allows for nice approaches in IMC and IFR conditions with ease of effort. Are you proficient with the Garmin 430?

    • I am with you Riley! I did only 2 flights on the 182 so far, but liked very much the performance. Pretty stable, even when flying through the clouds and on the approach. The difference I noticed is that it’s heavier (obviously πŸ˜€), and it’s not flaring on touchdown like the 172. With reference to Garmin 430; I used it long time ago, so I wouldn’t say that I am current on it…

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