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2 thoughts on “Stani Klajban – #WHYIFLY

  1. Hi Stan,

    Really enjoyed your blog. Great fun. I will be visiting Tenerife next March 2017 and would like to fly with you. I will pay for the flight and the fuel. Need to get some aerial shots for my new book, ‘A Day Above The Canary Islands’ and I’m sure we can have some fun flying around. I am a retired pilot, mostly helicopters but some jets and fixed wing. Good to read your life story.

    All the best,

    John Nowell.

    On 27 April 2016 at 09:23, Stans blog – Sharing (not only) my flying experiences… wrote:

    > Stan posted: “This is my “Why I fly” story, hope you’ll enjoy it! :-)” >

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