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My 2nd helicopter flight

Yes! This was my second helicopter flight ever… The first one was back in 2001 in Fuerteventura, the second one (and hopefully not the last one 🙂 ) now in Tenerife.

I was wishing to repeat this experience since a long time and finaly, now in the summer time, the right moment came to take off up into the skies as a passenger and to enjoy the views and the ride.

The only company offering helicopter scenic flights in Tenerife is Helidream, from their heliport in Costa Adeje (ICAO code GCAD), operating a Bell 206 Ranger (reg. EC-LYP). There are different routes available; from 15 minutes local flight up to 1 hour island trip,  or charter flights and much more…

I chose the longest option; to do it right, sit back, not to fly, look around, enjoy the views and to take pictures.

After a short passenger safety briefing we were ready to go.

Helidream's Bell 206 Ranger

Helidream’s Bell 206 Ranger

We had again (as on all my helicopter flights till now, lol) good weather conditions and the wind was calm, so we had a very nice ride with no turbulence.

I’ve flown a lots of times around Tenerife, but none of those flight were identical, and so was it also in this case.

Pilot's views from the helicopter

Pilot’s views from the helicopter

The helicopter was maintaining lower altitude, which offers a closer look on what’s going under us. I’ve seen places that I haven’t seen before. Just because my PA28 has wings and you can’t look under the plane. When I was flying the Cessna, I could also see much better below us.

I definitely enjoyed the heli experience and I think at some point I should try to take a flight lesson in the future to taste how it flies….

Enjoy some of the pictures taken during the flight; as always it’s hard to choose only a few of them.

Safe flights! 🙂

Los Cristianos as seen from the helicopter

Los Cristianos as seen from the helicopter

Flying above the north part of the island

Flying above the north part of the island

Selfie with Pico del Teide :-)

Selfie with Pico del Teide 🙂

Pico del Teide & the sea of clouds

Pico del Teide & the sea of clouds

Playa del Duque, Costa Adeje

Playa del Duque, Costa Adeje

Pico del Teide...

Pico del Teide…

Flying westbound

Flying westbound

Playa de Fañabé, Tenerife

Playa de Fañabé, Tenerife

Santiago del Teide

Santiago del Teide




2 thoughts on “My 2nd helicopter flight

  1. Flying a chopper is indeed a different experience and feeling. Biggest difference imho is when engine failure kicks in. No chute and an ejection seat is not really an option.
    Regarding your statement of having a better view related to wings, take a closer look of what’s happening in the harbors at Tenerife. They have a solution, it’s called glass bottom boat. Why reinventing the wheel? You could start a new business model: Fly with Stan & his glass bottom airplane.

    • Well, did you know that the big propeller is actually there to maintain the pilot cool? When it stops, the pilot starts to sweat…
      But I’d say, that in the case of engine failure we still can use the counter rotation technique, which could work and save us 🙂
      And I’ll thing about your idea of flying with glass bottom plane… 😀

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