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Fuerteventura & Isla de Lobos

Some time ago, I’ve spent 2 years of my life living in Fuerteventura.

A lot if nice memories are popping up when flying over the island 😎.

Here are images taken on my last flight.


4 thoughts on “Fuerteventura & Isla de Lobos

  1. ‘Some’ time ago? … We all get old my, pun intended, old friend. But then again, it has its advantages. They don’t ask for your ID when you show up at the local Discoteca. They just ask you if you are picking up your daughter …

    • Time flies, and you can be either passenger, or the pilot… 😀
      And at the (even not) local disco, by answering “yes” on their question “Are picking up your daughter?” you can grant yourself a free entrance… 😀

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