Voilà! The first book with my aerial images of the Canaries is here!

Approximately 2 years ago I was approached by author of this book, John Nowell, with his idea to work together and to include some of my aerial images of the Canary Islands in his project enhancing them with interesting facts from the history of the islands.

Despite being very busy with my job, family and my studies towards the commercial pilots licence, I was not able to say ‘no’ and its result now is an interesting book with my name on it! John is a retired RAF helicopter pilot and author of 16 books in the “A Day Above” and “Now & Then” series. Some of his books have been reprinted up to 14 times!!!

I’m delighted to have joined the team of this interesting project and finally see some of my aerial images in a printed version produced in very highest quality. I think that I personally wouldn’t have the same patience and persistence to ‘write’ a photographic book like this one. I am particularly impressed by the way that John has ‘told’ the visual story through the book from dawn to dusk. This method has allowed him to shift effortlessly from one subject island to another with interesting text to support the photographs.

Hard copy of John’s book “A Day Above The Canary Islands” is available now on amazon.co.uk in the case you’d like to own one – my copy has got its privileged place in my house! Soon the book will be available in public bookshops across the Canary Islands. If you would like a signed and dedicated copy to someone special (such as your father) send an email to John at zodiacpublishinguk@gmail.com and he will arrange it!

Currently (on the 31st May 2019), the book is available in the following shops across Tenerife:

Librería Barbara – Los Cristianos
Petra Bookshop (near Botanic Gardens) – Puerto de La Cruz.
Librería Agapea – Avda. Tres de Mayo 71, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
The Book SwopPuerto Colón, Adeje
The Los Gigantes Hotel
The Santiago Diner, Los Gigantes
La RosetaVilaflor
Hotel Jardines de Nivaria -Souvenir shop
Library Up. Adeje
Big Fish Diving Centre, Los Cristianos

A Day Above The Canary Islands

A Day Above The Canary Islands

Sneak Peek - A Day Above The Canary Islands

Sneak Peek – A Day Above The Canary Islands