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Low pass over field “Pista El Revolcadero” at La Gomera

Pista el Revolcadero was an privately owned airfield which entered service in 1959. Since 1995 La Gomera counts with a new airport, which was built only 2 km before the old field “El Revolcadero”.

El Revolcadero made me and still makes me very curious about its past.

pista el revolcadero, la gomera

Pista El Revolcadero, La Gomera

Sorry for the quality of this picture, but the frame just photographed our propeller as well :-).

La Gomera Airport is a pretty complicated airfield due to its location and wind conditions, and overflying the field is very bumpy. Today the weather conditions were very favorable; almost no wind: 4-5 kts), so after the take off from the La Gomera Airport (GMZ/GCGM) we have proceeded to El Revolcadero to make a low pass.

During the low pass we could spot the old hangar and the former tower (and the only one tree as well :-)). I am quite sure, that this short runway, and its surface turned every landing in the past in to a big challenge (and adventure)…

Hangar on the "El Revolcadero" field

Tower and ย hangar on the “El Revolcadero” field

El Revolcadero's Tower

El Revolcadero’s Tower

On my next trip I would like to walk to the field to visit it closely. If you have heard any stories about the field, or you have some nice pics or recommendations, I’d be pleased to see them.

I will leave you a short video taken from the airplane, so enjoy the flight and experience together with us.

Happy landings!


2 thoughts on “Low pass over field “Pista El Revolcadero” at La Gomera

  1. Hi Stan Fascinating pics and footage. Have just returned from holiday in La Gomera and was intrigued when I saw an old photo of El Revolcadero airfield and a little about the history of it in the museum in Santiago de Playa. Can send you a copy if you let me have your email address. Thanks. Rob

    • Hi Rob, many thanks for your comment. Yes, I would be glad to receive them, I have been a couple of times to La Gomera but still havenยดt made it to walk over to the Revolcadero field. Stil on my to do list… ๐Ÿ™‚ My email is stan@flywithstan.com

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