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Got my MCC certificate

MCCย stands forย multipleย crewย cooperation. This additional training is required to fly in a multipilot aircraft with crew consisting of at least 2 members.

And as the initial idea is to fly a plane consisting of 2 pilots, I had to go through this training as well… So let’s get back to school.

Starting my MCC course at GTA Madrid

Starting my MCC course at GTA Madrid

I did my training at Global Aviation Training in Madrid, and my colleague and me, we were very satisfied with the high level of the training. Our instructors were highly experienced and active pilots with more than 15 years of flying experience.

In total we spent 10 days at GTA; 5 days of theoretical classes and 5 days simulator sessions in the ATR72-500. During the first 5 days we learned a lot about the ATR72-500 systems and procedures, and started to learn to work not as a single pilot, but in a team of two.

At the beginning a bit challenging, because we faced a new plane, procedures and new way of dividing tasks as a team, but it was improving with the time.

This is where it all started... ATR72-500 cockpit mock-up

This is where it all started… ATR72-500 cockpit mock-up

Finally, after 5 days of classes, there was this “magical” moment of getting into “the pleasure room” that we were so much looking for. For the most pilots are these “dancing boxes” a real headache, because they stand there not for having fun in them, but to prove that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and you will have to face it.

The pleasure room

The pleasure room

And this one was ours… ATR72-500 (Pitty that it wouldn’t fix in my garage lol)

ATR72-500 FFS at GTA Madrid

ATR72-500 FFS at GTA Madrid

The cockpit is identical with a real plane:

500 FFS

One of the highlights was a simulation of an emergency descent after a cabin decompression, using oxygen masks. I have to say, something I haven’t done before; and definitely very interesting.

After an emergency descent drill...

After an emergency descent drill…

After 10 days of hard work and studying, we are done! ๐Ÿ˜€

MCC Course done!

MCC Course done!

In the free time, we have also visited the other 2 simulators; which are new and have a far better visual graphics (however it doesn’ matter, because most of the time we were flying in IMC conditions with no views…). In addition to the FFS ATR72-600 and Boeing 737NG, there is another FNPT II simulator of an Airbus A320. Of course, I had to capture these moments:

And it was a pitty that it didn’t work out to try the slide of the A320. Maybe for the next time!

Safe landings! ๐Ÿ˜€

Emergency slide A320

Emergency slide A320


4 thoughts on “Got my MCC certificate

  1. OMG ! Initially, while looking at the pictures, I thought that GTA stood for Grand Theft Aerodyne. My mistake …
    Anyway, loved the story and the pictures you made. Looking forward to your presentation at the Belgian Ballooning Q&A in April, aka BBQ meeting close to EBBR. I’ll raise a toast to your new certificate.

    • Dear Mr. T.B.,

      As you can seen now I’m fully ready for the BBQ-in just next to EBBR :-).

      Really looking forward to it and hopefully there won’t be so much wind like in the last days… ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Hi Stan,

    Just back home after some epic travelling to Northumberland and back. The north of England is now a lake plus high winds, raging rivers plus hail and blowing snow over the high ground.

    Many congratulations on getting your MCC – the major achievement and surely now you can start applying for jobs. Was talking to other retired pilots up north and apparently, the forecast shortfall of pilots is simply enormous. The ATR will be a great stepping stone to bigger things. I will see if I can get hold of one of my old chums, also ex RAF. I helped him to get through officer training long long ago. After he left the RAF, he married the boss’s daughter – the father happened to be the expat boss of Emirates Airline – so he ended up as a fleet captain. He will be retired now but I’ll see if I can track him down.

    However, I know what he will reply – he’ll say – just apply!

    All the best,


    On Wed, 12 Feb 2020 at 16:23, Stan’s blog – Sharing (not only my) flying experiences… wrote:

    > Stan posted: “MCC stands for multiple crew cooperation. This additional > training is required to fly in a multipilot aircraft with crew consisting > of at least 2 members. And as the initial idea is to fly a plane consisting > of 2 pilots, I had to go through this training” >

    • Hi John,

      Thank you very much! Well, I hope it was all the money worth, we’ll see what the future will offer!

      Anyway it’s a great feeling to came so far.

      All the best,


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