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Aerial views of La Palma

This is my third compilation of aerial images of flying around the Canary Islands; in this post I’ll share with you some images of La Palma. If you have missed my previous compilations, you can see them here: Tenerife and La Gomera.

Hope you’ll enjoy the views as I did enjoyed them when flying around La Palma!

Stay safe and safe landings!


If you wish to fly around the island in 2:48, watch this video:

Around La Palma in 2:48 minutes

Around La Palma in 2:48 minutes



4 thoughts on “Aerial views of La Palma

  1. Yeah! This time I got an e-mail about this new post! Nice pictures as always. I actually learned something new. Never heard, or read, about Paris de Candelaria. Seems to be a nice spot to spend the holidays. Bit difficult to bring along your suitcases, especially those belonging to the wive and daughters, but I expect it’s calm down there.
    About the timeline: pictures taken flying the Cessna are the ‘old’ ones and the those with the Piper the most recent or did I miss something? Cheers and don’t hesitate to drop by for a BBQ.

  2. Hey captain! Glad you’ve received the email notification this time 😀

    Yeah, P@ris de Candelaria is a really nice place to spend holidays…

    The other option would be to send 3 ladies (by mistake) instead of Paris to Porís… Luggage included. I’m convinced they would enjoy it there and would come back very happy ;-).

    The Cessna pics are the older ones, the Piper pics the newer ones :-D.

  3. I meant indeed Porís. Damn autocorrect. Last time I had to explain myself when I referred to my epic penis. I meant my epipen for allergic condition …

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