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First flight in 2022

Happy 2022!

So, my very first flight in 2022 was on a glider Let-23 Super Blaník, reg. OM-7182.

Hangar at Ocova aerodrome (LZOC), Slovakia

We had to move by -5 degrees all the gliders to get ours out… But the glider was washed a couple of days ago and it’s main landing wheel froze and it didn’t wanted to move… Fortunately the were able to arrange a heater and “de-freeze” the wheel, so we could get the Blaník out.

Remember the field from the summer, it wasn’t so frosty like now 😀

Towed the glider to it’s position on the runway and went up for 2 circuits.

M-7128 is ready for departure…

No heating, only my ski clothes to warm up…

Ready to go…

We did 2 short circuits…

Cockpit views…

Usually don’t fly with so cold conditions, but it was nice. Something different. A new experience. I’ll be back, but most probably in the summer…

First flying selfie in 2022

Wish you all safe flying in 2022!


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