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Landing into the sunset…

A couple of days ago just the perfect combination of weather and time of the flying met to take this picture.

Most time of the year at Tenerife South Airport, runway 07 is in use. It’s also the preferential runway at the airport.

Sometimes, when the wind is blowing from the westerly direction (caused by weather systems above the Atlantic Ocean), the runway in use changes to 25.

So mostly if you land just before the sunset on the westerly direction, the sun blindes you during the approach and the landing. It makes no sense to take a picture because you would only see something overexposed on it.

On this landing I was thinking the same. It makes no sense to take a picture. However, I’ve noticed that the sun was already a bit under the horizon so I took out my mobile and just took some shots.

And I’m pretty happy with the result, even though it’s not 100% sharp and we were still lining up with the runway’s extended centerline…

Yeah, definitely like sunsets and also the golden hour! πŸ™‚


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