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My first job in aviation

I was simply too busy to find a moment to write this post. Wanted to make it special, but I’ll just write it right now, because otherwise it won’t happen…

So approximately one year ago I started to “play” with the idea to either buy a plane (share) with someone (PA28-140), to have it and to fly whenever I want. But the plane we wanted to buy (I flew it some 10 years ago), had it’s certificates, etc. expired, so it would have been the same as buying “a problem” and to put in flight would be pretty expensive.

Second option, instead of investing this money into a plane was to make the flight instructor course. Even though I said that I was not going to invest more money into aviation, I did it again.

First, because I wanted to keep learning and refreshing my knowledge. Actually never thought, I’ll have to “re-do” the PPL course again, that I did almost 16 years ago… It was nice to refresh the basics. Where it all started. It had maybe a bit more sense, as at that time, as everything was new to me, but now, it was a nice refreshment of the basics.

So, in May 2021 I started with the FI course. First theory, then flying. Obviously, a bit challenging to learn to fly from the right seat. It took me a couple of hours to feel more confident flying the plane from the right side. But I got used to it, and I feel pretty comfortable flying from the right side (now and then I fly the good old Piper from the left seat, and it makes no problem at all)…

The course was pretty tough. A lot of studying, exams (had to pass the PPL exam over again, which is something I wouldn’t have ever expected to happen again.)

Flight instructor course done!
Flight instructor course done!

I did my FI course at Canavia, the same school where I did my ATPL (frozen), and I must say I’m happy with the level of the course. The flights were not only “empty flights” to fly the hours and done; as It happens in some schools. We did all the missions you’d have to do with a student that is learning to fly.

Well at the end I was lucky enough to start to work as a flight instructor for Canavia, and it was something special to have get paid for my flights rather than paying for flying. On the top of that, flying out of Tenerife south airport, which is just 10 minutes from where I live, a busy international airport and it’s a good challenge to fly from here.

I need to admit, that I feel the responsibility when I fly. There is the life of the person learning to fly next to me, it’s my life, and lives of all the people on the ground. Also the responsibility for the plane, etc etc. But I like that that challenge, it pushes me further to make the things better and the follow the procedures to operate in a safe manner.

Obviously, I have taken a bunch of images during the course; here are at least some of them; hope you’ll enjoy them!

Safe flying everyone!

PD. And if you want to learn to fly, you know where to find me. Or you can do an introductory flight in Tenerife with me as well, just to try how it feels to fly an airplane :-). I still love to share the joy of flight with all the world!


5 thoughts on “My first job in aviation

  1. Hi Stan,
    I’m coming to Tenerife next week for 2-3 weeks. I would like to fly to La Gomera/El Hiero/..
    from Reina Sophia. What are the possibilities? I’m a PPL(A), NVFR and 750h on Cessna/Diamond/Robin/Grumman AA5. What is the costprice and what type of airplanes are available?
    Best regards,
    Luc Jacques

    • Hi Luc,

      Thank you for your message. Yes, sure it’s possible, we could a training flight together if you’re a PPL holder.

      I’ll send you more information by email.

      All the best,


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