How to get to El Revolcadero aerodrome

Unfortunately the access road is pretty damaged and partially non existing, but to walk down for approximately 2 hours along the valley is absolutely amazing. The landscape is absolutely fantastic; like in the western movie.

The aerodrome is not accesible by car, nor 4×4. Just by feet, helicopter (maybe) or apparently from the beach by feet, if you get transferred there by a boat.

17 kms to get there and back (actually a bit less, but if you walk up and down the 500m long runway, this counts as well)… If you are on Strava, you can see the cute here.

You can leave your car at La Roseta and start to walk from here:

The route to El Revolcadero aerodrome at Strava
The route to El Revolcadero aerodrome at Strava

And now simply enjoy some of the pictures taken during the walk to the aerodrome El Revolcadero.