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Flying around Cologne (Köln) 🇩🇪

Time flies so fast that I almost did not get the chance (or find a moment) to write a quick post about a flight with a friend of mine in Germany a couple of weeks ago.

We meet met at Bonn-Hangelar airport (EDKB), not far away from Bonn on a very warm August day.

Bonn-Hangelar airport

We flew the C172, it’s a great aircraft, and I always liked to fly it.

Definitely one of the highlights was the flight around Cologne and to see the Cathedral from above. 👇Exactly 2 years ago I’ve visited the city and stood just next to it. Now also the view from above…

Cologne Cathedral

Another highlight was the low pass at Köln-Bonn airport (EDDK). After the initial request, we got vectors (even though that we were flying under VFR rules) to perform the low pass not bellow 1.000 feet on the RWY 14L.

After the low pass we continued to Düsseldorf. Beautiful and green countryside, however it was a bit dry because of the heat.

Düsseldorf City
Düsseldorf City

On our way back to Hangelar we saw also this nice castle (Schloss Drachenburg).

Schloss Drachenburg
Approach into Bonn-Hangelar airport
Final RWY 11 into Bonn Hangelar

Here is a short clip/reel from the flight: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiI4EuoK8J9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

This is what flying is about! 😀


2 thoughts on “Flying around Cologne (Köln) 🇩🇪

  1. Great shots Stan – Dusseldorf is a lovely city – have spent time there.

    We are busy as hell too – for the past few months, all my 6 children & families have been here for the summer. Took the last one, my Grandson Isa (who is now 6ft 5in), to Exeter University last week – and now it is almost quiet!

    Now planning to get back to Tenerife – after having had Covid – what a waste of time!



    On Thu, 22 Sept 2022 at 09:34, Fly with Stan – Sharing (not only my) flying

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