My best aerial shot (ever)

Looks like this is the best image I’ve ever made…

More than 1.050 shares in 4 days on Facebook, and still sharing… 😀 The strange thing is even when you don’t expect the image is going to be liked, and the audience loves it!

I didn’t get any richer with this, but it’s simply nice that the image had such a huge success 😀

So, I think this would be the best shot ever taken by myself, at least it’s what the audience thinks 😉

Tazacorte, La Palma

Tazacorte, La Palma


How to connect with your client while staying in your Hotel

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and were desperately trying to find the links to connect withe the establishment through their social networks?

No signs of facebook, twitter, tripadvisor, website address? Would you like to give them a like or just leave a comment?

Normaly before you arrive, you can find the possibility to “connect” via facebook, twitter, flickr, blog, etc, but once you arrive at the hotel and you try to connect, there are no mentions how to do this…

There are of course a lot of possibilities to “advertise” the social networks for clients staying in your hotel. We advertise the hotel website, facebook and twitter accounts on almost all articles, e.g. sugar, napkins, biscuits, etc.

How to connect with us available on sugar as well

How to connect with us available on sugar as well

Our latest project at Spring Hoteles was an idea to put vinyl sticker just next to the entrance, so every client entering the hotel can also see our presence in the social networks and connect with us.

We have used QR codes to make this easier: You can scan the codes with your mobile phone and there you are! Vinyl stickers are cheap and efective solution.

This is how it looks like:

Vinysl Sticker Social Networks

Vinyl Sticker with QR Codes