Approach into Tenerife North Airport

A short clip of my approach into Tenerife North Airport (TFN/GCXO). Descent from 7.500 feet until the feed in less than 60 seconds.

Approach into Tenerife North

Approach into Tenerife North


Landing at La Gomera

My last flight was to the island La Gomera. La Gomera is a small airport on the Canary Islands. When you approach the runway, it seems like you are going to land on an aircraft carrier (with a little imagination ;-)).

The runway is long enough to land with a Boeing 737, but the biggest planes landing there are from the local company called Binter usind ATR72 aircrafts.

The landings can be sometimes challenging, as the airport was built not on the best place (but there are no other options), so you can have a headwind over the threshold, 90 degree crosswind in the middle, and tailwind at the end of the runway.

So you have to take care when landing, otherwise the plane can suddenly drop down.

On this occasion the weather was quite nice, some crosswind, but the landing was pretty smooth.

Here is a short video of the approach and the landing from a wing wiev. I have mounted my gopro this time on the wing trying to capture the plane and the runway.

Dreamliner´s first landing at Tenerife South Airport

I have been informed by a friend of my, that the Boeing 787 was due to land at Tenerife South Airport for the first time so I thought it would be better to not to miss it.

I was watching the flight on flightradar24 an was on time near the threshold of the runway 08 at the Tenerife South airport (TFS).

During the final approach the plane´s engine were very silent, it was a realy nice surprise. The weather conditions at the moment of the landing were CAVOK and wind 070/14 kts…

Thomson´s Boeing 787 Reg. G-TUID

Thomson´s Boeing 787 Reg. G-TUID

You can see a short video of the first landing at the Tenerife South Airport.