Piper P28A bounced landing at El Berriel Aerodrome, Gran Canaria

Just a quick post over my landing at El Berriel aerodrome in Gran Canarias a couple of weeks ago… It has been a time ago that I have landed at this aerodrome, and it is famous for windshear, so my first attempt for landing was not succesfull and I had to made a go around for the second attempt.

On this day the gopro was mounted on the belly of the plane, so it offers a nice views of what is happening under us… On the following picture, you can see the views over the El Berriel aerodrome.

View over El Berriel aerodrome

View over El Berriel aerodrome

During the second attempt I stayed sligtly to the right from the centerline, had to make some corrections, and finaly was a little faster than I should have been. As the field has only 800 mtrs., I didn’t wanted to spend more time flaring the plane and wanted to come down faster; so the result was a bounced landing: 3 landings at price of 1 ;-). As the gopro was mounted on the belly, you can count the number of landings by yourself πŸ™‚

Safe landings! πŸ™‚