Stalling a Cessna 172

We were flying with my friend around the island, he is a commercial pilot and instructor as well; and it seems that the flight was a bit “boring” for him without making any manouvers, stall recoveries, etc.

So he just asked me during the flight: “Can you make at least some stall or something to make it a bit more entertaining”?

My response was pulling back the throttle maintaining the altitude with the yoke and centering the plane with the pedals until the Cessna stalled, followed by the recovery. It is pretty amazing, how difficult it is to stall a Cessna, it stays simply hanging in the air… If I compare it to the P28A which I use to fly more often, the Piper would be a piece of a brick falling from the sky πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ comparing to the Cessna. Somehowe after this couple of flights I am starting to like the Cessna as well.

I have recorded the stall recovery with the Gopro mounted in the cockpit; unfortunately forgot to delete the files from the Gopro hanging outside on the wing, so I was only able to take 2-3 pictures (grrr) with it. It was hanging outside for nothing (creating more drag). I will have to create my personal “gopro checklist” haha before going out for flying to avoid bad surprises like this one. However, I like those 2 pictures i’ve taken… Quality before quantity (a good excuse), haha.


Somewhere over La Victoria, North Tenerife

Somewhere over La Victoria, North Tenerife

It seemed that stalling Cessna was not enough so we have said: “engine failure”! Β Why not? First set the best gliding speed (around 70 kts) and searched for a field to land. Pretty difficult on a hilly volcanic island like Tenerife…


Searching for a field to land

Searching for a field to land

The first and probably best option to avoid ditching in the sea was a golf course. We were gliding from 4’500 feet for a while and were trying to calculate the approach taking in consideration the weather conditions, etc. (we had a tailwind, so after the final turn we could be short of the field and…. do not think about the worse…).

When on the final of the golf field (almost with the golf players in sight), we have performed a go around and continued with the island tour. It was a very good excersise; sometimes it is necessary to go back to the basics and train the emergency procedures.

The funny thing is that a couple of days later a friend of mine who was playing on the course that day asked me: “Were you flying on saturday?” I answered, yes, it was me πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. “I was thinking to hit you with the ball”, he said… I thought probably he recognized my flying technique ;-).

Enjoy the 20 sec short video…

Safe landings!