Flying above Playa de las Américas, Tenerife

A short video o how Playa de las Américas looks like from the air.

Enjoy it!

Flying over Playa de las Américas from The Piper Pilot on Vimeo.


Up in the air

Well. I have decided to my make my second compilation of my flights. As I’ve found music that I loved, and thought it would be great in the video, I started to edit it, and here it is: my second compilation: Up in the air.

I hope you’ll enjoy it! I would be thankful for any good ideas (or send me a link of yours if you have one…).

Safe flying!


Flight to Fuerteventura

My last flight was to Fuerteventura. I like to fly there, because I spent living for 2 years on the island, love the beaches, the nature, it is very quite, and I enjoy the views from the bird’s perspective while flying.

Our route: Tenerife-Fuerteventura-Tenerife

Our route: Tenerife-Fuerteventura-Tenerife

My friend Daldo flew the first leg: Tenerife Norte to Fuerteventura. We have departed via visual E point (above Tenerife’s Las Teresitas beach), and have requested 5.500 feet. As there was calima (winds blowing from Sahara, normally with very poor visibility and hot air), by the temperatures of around 30 degrees we have been keeping an eye on the engine’s temperature to be sure everything is working fine. The problem by calima is, that there is inversion, so the temperature increases with the increasing altitude, so we have to take into consideration so the air cools the engine as it should.

Established on 5.500″ with practically no wind, the engine parameters were fine and we were able to continue on course.

Lining up on runway 12 at Tenerife North Airport

Lining up on runway 12 at Tenerife North Airport

After approximately 1 hour we have reached the south of Fuerteventura and have requested to maintain below 1.000 feet, as well notified to make a low approach over the Punta de Jandia’s airfield, which I believe was used in the II. World war.

Punta de Jandia's airfield at the south of Fuerteventura

Punta de Jandia’s airfield at the south of Fuerteventura

Here is a short video of the low pass, in the video you can see that it was a little bumpy.

After the low pass we have continued along the coastline direction Morro Jable/Jandía.

Punta de Jandía

Punta de Jandía

As you can see, arriving at Jandía, the white beaches are giving us a very warm welcome; with their longitude of 15 kilometers they stay on our left until Costa Calma.

Beach and Lighthouse Jandía

Beach and Lighthouse Jandía

Continuing the coast line, we have reached lightouse La Entallada, one of my favourite places on the island…

Lighthouse "Faro La Entallada"

Lighthouse “Faro La Entallada”

After another 15 minutes flight we have reached the Fuerteventura airfield, and Daldo have managed to land smoothly with some crosswind on the runway 01R.

Seconds before touchdown at Fuerteventura airport

Seconds before touchdown at Fuerteventura airport, RWY 01R

On the stand we have checked, whether our Gopro was still attached to the airplane, and luckily it was!!!

Gopro Hero placed on the wing

Gopro Hero placed on the wing

We have walked to the operations (it is nice that you may walk without having to pay expensive handling costs as for example in Lanzarote) and after that to the terminal to pick up our car we have hired previously. We have decided to go to a place called Casillas del Ángel, some 15-20 minutes from the airport, to taste the local speciality which is goat’s meat at the Restaurante el Labrador. Unfortunately they had no more goat’s meat (which would cost around 15€/plate), so we took as alternative escalope (for around 7-8€/ plate) with french fries (home made) and some home made tortilla, which was really tasty. The portion was huge, so in our stomach there was no more space left for dinner :-).

Short stay on a beach called “Playa Blanca” near Puerto del Rosario and back to the airport, return the car, pay the landing fees at the operations and walk to our Piper to make a outside check and all preparations necessary for the flight (including switching on our Gopro, should be a part of the plane’s checklist as well, lol).

I was flying today the second leg; Fuertevetura – Tenerife North. We have be cleard to taxi to the holding point of runway 01R, where we made the engine run-up and waited for the departure clearence.

Holding short of RWY 01R

Holding short of RWY 01R at E10

After departure we have continued on the runway heading below 1.000 feet until Corralejo in the north part of the island, to see the beaches and the volcanos as well.

Playa de Corralejo

Playa de Corralejo

Leaving the island Isla de Lobos on the right side we have continued our climb to 4.500 feet heading Tenerife North airport.

Isla de Lobos

Isla de Lobos

After some 50 minutes we have reached Tenerife.

Heading to Tenerife or to the sun?

Heading to Tenerife or to the sun?

Descending over capital city Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Descending over capital city Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Descending over capital city Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Landing on the runway 30.

Landing on the runway 30.

Landing on the runway 30.

Now our Piper can rest to be ready for our next adventure trip 🙂

Piper P-28A Cherokee Archer II, reg. EC-JMT

Piper P-28A Cherokee Archer II, reg. EC-JMT

Safe landings!

Canaries from bird’s eye view…

Beeing a privat pilot gives you the wings to move free in the sky and see the earth and its beauties from a bird’s eye view… Here are some images taken during my flights in the Canaries…

Pico del Teide

Pico del Teide, Tenerife

volcano, la restinga, el hierro

Smudge of the underwater vulcano @El Hierro, november 2011

airport, el revolcadero, la gomera,

El Revolcadero, former La Gomera’s Airport

lighthouse, punta teno, tenerife, canaries, spain

Lighthouse Punta Teno, Tenerife

faro, lighthouse la orchilla, el hierro, canaries

Lighthouse “Faro de Punta Orchilla”, El Hierro

volcano, fuerteventura, canaries

Volcano, North Fuerteventura

lighthouse, faro de anaga, tenerife

Lighthouse “Faro de Anaga”, Tenerife

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canaries

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

beach, corralejo, volcano, isla de lobos, fuerteventura, canaries

Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura, Corralejo

Of course there are much more pictures I could publish and also there are still a lot of new places to see…

Happy landings…