Zero gravity flight

My last flight was a little bit different. I do mostly crosscountry flights, so there is no time to make manouvers like stalls, touch and go’s, etc. Probably the passengers would get scared to death, lol ;-).

This time I have decided to spend the time in the air practicing stalls, turns, touch and go’s, with flaps, without flaps, slips, etc. I was lucky to have a perfect weather, almost no traffic and wind calm, so I was able to enjoy a really nice views and a flight without turbulence.

On the right downwind for RWY 12 at Tenerife North Airport

On the right downwind for RWY 12 at Tenerife North Airport

Flying 1000 feet above the Air Europa Airbus 330, holding short of runway 12

Flying 1000 feet above the Air Europa Airbus 330, holding short of runway 12

After departure I have proceed to a visual point November and where a bunch of stalls and turns a zero gravity flight was waiting on me. After a coupple of stalls, steap turns, slow flight, etc. I have decided to try again a zer gravity flight. It was a pretty long time ago that I have practiced this.

Holding over November Point, sea calm...

Holding over November Point, sea calm…

3.000 feet above the sea with fuel pump on I have lowered the nose to pick up the speed to approximately 120-130kts, then started to climb and pulled back down the nose to feel the zero gravity. It worked good out, but my Iphone flew on the backseat so I had to search it, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to make more pictures on this flight.

My second attempt was better: I took a pen, repeated once again the manouver and the pen was floating nice in the air. By the third attempt the pen flew away so there was nothing more to demonstrate the zero gravity. I have captured this with my gopro mounted inside the plane. Actually it was nice to practice this and I liked the feeling in my stomach as well, lol ;-). I think it would have been better to have some passenger on board who would have been busy with the pen while I would be flying 🙂

After the third one I have retourned back to the airport for more touch and go’s.

It was a nice day full of practice, I am sure I’ll repeat it again… Safe landings!

Dreamliner´s first landing at Tenerife South Airport

I have been informed by a friend of my, that the Boeing 787 was due to land at Tenerife South Airport for the first time so I thought it would be better to not to miss it.

I was watching the flight on flightradar24 an was on time near the threshold of the runway 08 at the Tenerife South airport (TFS).

During the final approach the plane´s engine were very silent, it was a realy nice surprise. The weather conditions at the moment of the landing were CAVOK and wind 070/14 kts…

Thomson´s Boeing 787 Reg. G-TUID

Thomson´s Boeing 787 Reg. G-TUID

You can see a short video of the first landing at the Tenerife South Airport.

Glider flight

The advantage of a glider is that you can’t experience an engine failure. So it seems, you avoid any bad surprises, and there is no safer way to fly than on a glider.

Flying a single engine airplane gives you the freedom, but there is always a risk of engine failure. In this case your plane turns into a glider with not the best performance, as it is heavier and it has not the same glide ratio as a glider.

Glider "Blaník", reg. OM-2709

Glider “Blaník”, reg. OM-2709

In my opinion, having some experience on a glider makes you a safer pilot, in the case you experience some problems with your engine, you are used to handle this situation with less stress (the engine failure is a part of a PPL training as well).

I took a couple of lessons on a glider and I really enjoyed them. This particular flight was made on Blanik, registration OM-2709, and the first difference you note is the silence. There is no engine, so you hear only the air soaring. Second advantage: the views… You feel like a F-16 pilot enjoying the views through the big canopy. 🙂

Flying a glider

The views through the canopy are realy great!

There are some small differences between flying an plane and a glider, if you turn, you have to add some rudder. If you are sitted in the front, and you stall it, it feels different, as the nose is much shorter that in the plane. You also can’t apply the usual throttle, but the recovery is pretty fast.

If the thermal is sufficient, you can stay airborne for hours (in my case there was no thermal, so we went down pretty fast…), so don’t pay the fuel and the flight is cheaper!

Flying a glider, you can enjoy the views like this:

Getting towed into the skies

Getting towed into the skies, other Blaník in front of us (above the towing aircraft)

Letisko Očová - Očová Airfield

Letisko Očová – Očová Airfield

The units of measures are meters instead of feet and km/h instead of knots, but as the numbers serve as a reference, this is not a big problem.

Cockpit of Blaník

Cockpit of Blaník

Here you have a short video as well of soaring in the skies.

Low pass over field “Pista El Revolcadero” at La Gomera

Pista el Revolcadero was an privately owned airfield which entered service in 1959. Since 1995 La Gomera counts with a new airport, which was built only 2 km before the old field “El Revolcadero”.

El Revolcadero made me and still makes me very curious about its past.

pista el revolcadero, la gomera

Pista El Revolcadero, La Gomera

Sorry for the quality of this picture, but the frame just photographed our propeller as well :-).

La Gomera Airport is a pretty complicated airfield due to its location and wind conditions, and overflying the field is very bumpy. Today the weather conditions were very favorable; almost no wind: 4-5 kts), so after the take off from the La Gomera Airport (GMZ/GCGM) we have proceeded to El Revolcadero to make a low pass.

During the low pass we could spot the old hangar and the former tower (and the only one tree as well :-)). I am quite sure, that this short runway, and its surface turned every landing in the past in to a big challenge (and adventure)…

Hangar on the "El Revolcadero" field

Tower and  hangar on the “El Revolcadero” field

El Revolcadero's Tower

El Revolcadero’s Tower

On my next trip I would like to walk to the field to visit it closely. If you have heard any stories about the field, or you have some nice pics or recommendations, I’d be pleased to see them.

I will leave you a short video taken from the airplane, so enjoy the flight and experience together with us.

Happy landings!