My best aerial shot (ever)

Looks like this is the best image I’ve ever made…

More than 1.050 shares in 4 days on Facebook, and still sharing… 😀 The strange thing is even when you don’t expect the image is going to be liked, and the audience loves it!

I didn’t get any richer with this, but it’s simply nice that the image had such a huge success 😀

So, I think this would be the best shot ever taken by myself, at least it’s what the audience thinks 😉

Tazacorte, La Palma

Tazacorte, La Palma


200 Euro Paella

The most of us are flying to enjoy the 100$ hamburgers. In Spain we could speak about something similar, as for example “100$ paella”.

My last flight went to La Palma, together with my friend Daldo and his wife Virginia as passenger.

Today's crew

Today’s crew

I was flying the inbound leg and we were cruising at 8,500-9,000 feet. Pretty nice views over the Atlantic Ocean, the sea was very calm, but we were having some headwinds of 20 kts which made this flight a bit longer and of course a bit more expensive ;-), that is why I speak about 200€ paella ;-).

Some different views of Tenerife

Some different views of Tenerife

Actually I enjoy flying high(er), as there is normaly less turbulence and you can enjoy better views. Also, in the case of an engine failure, the range of possibities of gliding or trying to restart it, are better, as you gain time. And also, you feel like you are flying a real arliner ;-). So there are only a advantages of flying at higher altitudes.

Cruising at 8,600 feet

Cruising at 8,600 feet (Sorry for the bad quality)

The icing was forecasted for this day at 9,000 feetm the OAT was around 2 degrees, but no ice was forming on the wings. We were cheching it constantly, for just in case, however we were not flying in the clouds and the day was pretty sunny as well.

Passing La Gomera island

Passing La Gomera island

Cruising over the ocean at 9,500"

Cruising over the  Atlantic ocean at 9,500″

Reaching La Palma island we have maintained 9,000 feet and made some cloudsurfing. The weather forecast for today was some rain and also a front was comming from NW. We have decided to do this flight anyway, as the visibility was ok, no clouds were in sight, and in the case the weather would starting to change, we would return back to our base airport.

Flying our the clouds

Flying over the clouds, reaching La Palma island

Cloudsurfing over La Palma and the rainbow

Cloudsurfing over La Palma and the rainbow

After this short cloudsurfing, we have started our descent to the visual point Sierra, in the south of the island. Being so high took as a while to descent and make some nice manouvers between the clouds.

Descending through the clouds

Descending through the clouds

Finaly after 1,30 hour long flight we have landed at the La Palma’s “El Mazo Airport”. This airport is considered one of the world’s most complicated approaches, however with its 2,2 km long runway it is nothing special for our Piper ;-).

Seconds before landing at La Palma

Seconds before landing at La Palma

Our Piper was parked as it should on a nice place, where even an Airbus 330/340 could be parked. A realy big honor for this plane ;-).

Just a quick selfie to prove that it was parked there and I was there as well ;-)

Just a quick selfie to prove that the Piper was parked on the A330 stand and that I was there as well 😉

We knew, that we had not much time, as the storm was comming sooner or later, so we have decided to go quickly to the restaurant Casa Goyo, situated under the extended centerline of the runway, just between the extended centerline´s lights. They have a lot of specialities, good quality-price relationship and also very good seafood. This restaurant is situated in a walking distance from the airport, some 10 minutes.

Restaurante Casa Goyo La Palma

Restaurante Casa Goyo La Palma

It consists of small wooden houses, where you can sit, or small rooms, where you can enjoy some privacy as well. We had some paella, which was already ready and we didn’t had to wait, as we had to be pretty quick. So to come over to La Palma to eat this small plate of paella costs around 200€ ;-); not to shabby 😉

Inside the restuarant

Inside the restuarant (bad qualiry foto, grrr)

This one is better ;-)

This one is better 😉 Waiting for the paella.

After the lunch we took a taxi (6€) and we hurried up back to the airport to pay the taxes (18€), made our new flight plane and departed direction Tenerife. There were pretty much clouds than earlier this day, so Daldo had to climb up to 10,000 feet and fly around the clouds to avoid them. The views were even more spectacular.

Cruising at 9,700"

Cruising at 9,700″ Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Flying between the clouds

Flying between the clouds

Flying over clouds at 9,700"

Flying over clouds at 9,700″

The north coast of Tenerife can be seen through the clouds

The north coast of Tenerife can be seen through the clouds



On final RWY 30 at Tenerife North Airport

On final RWY 30 at Tenerife North Airport

Only a couple of minutes later after our landing, when the plane was parked outside the hangar, it started to rain and the visibility dropped down significantly. This was a perfect planning, in the other case we would have had diverted to the alternative Tenerife south airport.

The Piper is parked outside the hangar and the rain is comming

The Piper is parked outside the hangar and the rain is comming

A short video of the descent, cloudsurfing, approach and landing at the La Palma Airport. The Gopro has been mounted on tail of the plane.

We have returned a washed and clean airplane 😉

Safe landings!

Piper P28A bounced landing at El Berriel Aerodrome, Gran Canaria

Just a quick post over my landing at El Berriel aerodrome in Gran Canarias a couple of weeks ago… It has been a time ago that I have landed at this aerodrome, and it is famous for windshear, so my first attempt for landing was not succesfull and I had to made a go around for the second attempt.

On this day the gopro was mounted on the belly of the plane, so it offers a nice views of what is happening under us… On the following picture, you can see the views over the El Berriel aerodrome.

View over El Berriel aerodrome

View over El Berriel aerodrome

During the second attempt I stayed sligtly to the right from the centerline, had to make some corrections, and finaly was a little faster than I should have been. As the field has only 800 mtrs., I didn’t wanted to spend more time flaring the plane and wanted to come down faster; so the result was a bounced landing: 3 landings at price of 1 ;-). As the gopro was mounted on the belly, you can count the number of landings by yourself 🙂

Safe landings! 🙂

Canaries from bird’s eye view…

Beeing a privat pilot gives you the wings to move free in the sky and see the earth and its beauties from a bird’s eye view… Here are some images taken during my flights in the Canaries…

Pico del Teide

Pico del Teide, Tenerife

volcano, la restinga, el hierro

Smudge of the underwater vulcano @El Hierro, november 2011

airport, el revolcadero, la gomera,

El Revolcadero, former La Gomera’s Airport

lighthouse, punta teno, tenerife, canaries, spain

Lighthouse Punta Teno, Tenerife

faro, lighthouse la orchilla, el hierro, canaries

Lighthouse “Faro de Punta Orchilla”, El Hierro

volcano, fuerteventura, canaries

Volcano, North Fuerteventura

lighthouse, faro de anaga, tenerife

Lighthouse “Faro de Anaga”, Tenerife

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canaries

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

beach, corralejo, volcano, isla de lobos, fuerteventura, canaries

Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura, Corralejo

Of course there are much more pictures I could publish and also there are still a lot of new places to see…

Happy landings…